Healthy breakfast for two – celebrating Valentine’s Day

I made a breakfast bowl for 2 on tv this week because it is the meal we tend to skip and breakfast gives such a good boost in terms of energy levels that lasts all day when the right ingredients are chosen.



A combination of oats, Greek yoghurt and delicious fruit is always a winner. Then of course comes the linseed and and some pecans. And for that special valentine’s day just a drizzle of honey to finish off.

You will need:

100g oats
2 tablespoons linseed
150ml hot water
1 tablespoon honey
6 large strawberries
2 tablespoons blueberries
2 pots of Strawberry Greek Yoghurt
some pecans
fresh mint for garnish [optional]

chia seeds linseedsMy star ingredient is linseed [or flaxseed].  Their benefits are endless and I will be using them very often in recipes over the next couple of months.  But as a start, they are high in Omega-3 fats which
*are needed for the healthy function of cell membranes throughout the body
*improve the function of the cell receptors and hormones that regulate blood clotting.

The night before place the oats and linseed into a bowl and immerse with hot water.

Cover and place in the fridge overnight.

Linseed can be used as an egg replacer in baking
1 egg= 1 tablespoon linseed + 3 tablespoons water

The next morning assemble the yoghurt and oat breakfast.  Use a large flat plate and pour the yoghurt onto it.  Use a large spoon to spread the yoghurt neatly around the plate and provide a flattish surface.



Empty the contents of the oat and linseed bowl into a piping bag and pipe small circular portions of the mixture neatly on the surface of the yoghurt.


Cut up the strawberries into slices and top each portion of oat mixture with a slice of strawberries and some blueberries and a pecan nut.



Pour some honey and garnish with some mint leaves if you wish.  Prepare two long teaspoons and SHARE 💖


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Mornflake Oats are imported, distributed and marketed by Rimus Group and available in leading supermarkets and stores.  They are available in gluten free packs.

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Photos: Rachel Muscat

Fresh fruit and vegetables by Big Fresh.

Lea thanks Analise the Make up artist, Flormar and  Chef Works Malta

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