Myriam England, Founder of Magnificat in Malta

Myriam England is responsible for bringing the spiritual group ‘MAGNIFICAT’ to Malta.

“It is a women’s ministry” explains Myriam. “We reach out to women in need and provide support and a way to begin or fortify the relationship with the Lord.”


The theme of group is based on the Bible verse Luke 1:46 when Our Lady met Elizabeth and the spirit jumped in the womb (which signifies the Holy Spirit). It is all about women supporting each other.’

“It is something that is in my heart, and has always been. I knew I wanted to do something spiritual – voluntary work and follow the Lord.” Says Myriam.

In 1994 Myriam met Linda Shubert, the evangelical author of bestselling book “The Miracle Hour” and went on a trip to the Caribbean with her to visit the needy – people who needed support.

“When I went to a conference in Orlando with Linda, I was impressed by how many people were approaching her” says Myriam. “Then she turned to me and said ‘Myriam, you should start Magnificat in Malta’.


When I went home, I found my bedroom floor flooded with fax papers informing me about the group. Then, a few days later another fax came through from Linda to say that I should go to New Orleans to touch base with Babsie Bleasdel, author of  the book “Go teach my people”.

With thanks to Magnificat

Myriam’s husband Richard was always supportive of her spiritual mission and encouraged her to pursue it, sending her off to New Orleans where her journey to bring Magnificat to Malta began.

Mariz Cassar

When Myriam gave up her role as coordinator, Mariz Cassar took on the responsibility. She went to New Orleans with Myriam where she was overwhelmed and touched by how powerful the group is.

“I couldn’t believe the power and joy these women had, it really moved me.” Says Mariz. “It was that moment when I knew I had to be involved in bringing this movement to Malta.I have attended many conferences including in Washington and California to hear people give their testimonies. It is when we are at these conferences that we choose the people that inspire us the most and invite them to come to Malta to speak about their story.”

Marly Cassar joined Magnificat around the same time as Mariz started.

Marly Cassar

‘I always thought the people were so lovely and warm. “It is a fellowship like none other” adds Marly who had lost her own mother and found comfort among these women who supported each other when they were in need.

Myriam England
Myriam England

The ladies then tell me about their next speaker visiting Malta, Father Don Calloway His touching story about how his life turned around once he found religion inspired the ladies to invite him on behalf of Magnificat. He will be speaking in Malta on 8 June 2019 and you can watch his testimony in this clip here.


For further information contact: 21442468/79442468/ 99238897 or you can follow the page for Magnificat in Malta on Facebook

Photos:  Rachel Muscat

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