Organising Children’s Wardrobes the ‘Kon Mari’ way

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This week ‘Kon Mari’ consultant Julia Barker talks me through the sometimes never-ending task of organising children’s wardrobes. The amount of times that children dirty their clothing usually results in a few outfit changes per day, continuous washing machine cycles and mountains of folding and putting away.

Using Julia’s methods, we can use a system to better organise all the tiny items in a way which is easy to access and visually pleasing.

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“Children’s clothing seems so small, its hard to know what to do with them” says Julia. She uses special techniques to fold the clothes. For example, an elasticated fitted sheet is an awkward item to fold neatly but using her method, it can be folded in a way to make it a regular shape so that it can stand horizontally instead of stacked on top of each other so that when you open the wardrobe, you can see exactly what you have.

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Julia also took me through her process of how she organises her clients households, first she has a consultation with her clients to see how they use each space in their house (which rooms they use the most and what they like to get out of each space). Then she starts the organising process adapting to the specific areas. If you do not have much drawer space, you can stack small boxes on top of each other instead. “You don’t need to buy specialist storage, you can use whatever you have at home” she says.


Julia Barker Kon Mari Consultant


Finally, Julia tells me about the importance of colour coding your clothes in your wardrobe. “It sounds frivolous, but it makes a huge difference!” The aesthetics of a tidy space is a huge factor to how you feel about your space.


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Photography Gino Galea

Julia can be contacted via her facebook page



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