Christmas is coming ! Quick and Easy Chocolate Muffins

‘These chocolate muffins are so quick and easy to make. They are so soft and delicious that I think most people will not be able to resist a second one.

During Christmas week or a weekend in December they are ideal any time of the day and would be a good start to the weekend as a late breakfast too with a cup of coffee. Thick, dark and silky chocolate gives you an instant lift and you can also omit the icing and sprinkle oats, mueseli or your favourite seeds on top before baking.’

You will need:

250g self-raising flour
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
75g cocoa powder
a pinch of coffee powder
a pinch of cinnamon
a pinch of salt
200g soft brown sugar
70g Stork tub
30g Crema Novi
3 eggs
1tbsp apple vinegar

Novibloc Fondente
Novibloc Fondente

For the topping:
400g Novibloc Fondente
2tbsps olive oil
fresh or glacé cherries

1. Preheat oven to 160 C (fan assist).
2. Prepare a muffin tin by lining it with muffin cases.
3. Sieve twice the self-raising flour, cocoa powder, bicarbonate, cinnamon. Add the salt & mix.
4. Place all the ingredients in an electric mixer & whisk for a minute. Use a spatula to clean the sides of the bowl & whisk it again until the batter is smooth and consistent. Do not overmix.  
5. Use a spoon to fill the muffin cases & place in the oven to bake for 25 mins.
Crema novi chocolate
6. Allow to cool completely before topping with melted dark chocolate.
Novibloc dark chocolate

How to melt the dark chocolate in the microwave:

Break the chocolate up into small pieces & place in a microwave safe bowl.
Microwave for 30 secs, stir & repeat the process by returning the chocolate to the microwave for 10 secs each time, stirring again between every 10 secs. When the chocolate is almost melted, do not return to the microwave but stir until it is all melted. Add the olive oil, one spoonful at a time & stir until it is glossy.  
Melting the chocolate
Keep stirring until the chocolate and glossy
Allow to cool for 5 mins before dipping the cooled down muffins into the batter or pour melted chocolate over each muffin.

Prep Time 45mins Serves 8 to 10

Quick and Easy Chocolate Muffins
Quick and Easy Chocolate Muffins
Top with a fresh or glacé cherry before it cools down & solidifies.
For the recipe in Maltese click here
A luscious chocolate treat for Christmas ❤️

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Novi Christmas Hamper.jpeg
Christmas Hamper by Novi

Novi Chocolate is imported, distributed and marketed by M&Z (Marketing) Ltd and is available in all leading supermarkets and stores.

Valletta Christmas Lights 2018
Valletta Christmas Lights 2018


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