Take-to-work ideas: Barley Bread Sandwich

travis salmon and cream cheese 2

‘Travis joined me this weekend to demonstrate some ideas with healthy breads and fillings, ideal to take to work or to serve as light meals at home, even when having guests.  Barley bread is a drier loaf and therefore withstands getting soggy if prepared in advance.’

For the barley bread sandwich with smoked salmon, he uses:

Smoked Salmon
Cream cheese
Salt and Pepper
Sliced Barley Bread

[if you are having a party for every loaf of bread allow 75g cream cheese and 250g smoked salmon]


Spread both slices of each sandwich sparsely with cream cheese.

Lay slices of smoked salmon and then some rocket leaves and thinly sliced tomatoes on top.

Add some black pepper if desired.

Put the sandwich together.  Slice the sandwich diagonally twice to create four triangle sandwiches.

Serve with giardinera and/or fresh salad.

Tip:  Make the sandwiches as close as possible to the time they are being served otherwise they may dry out and it is a pity if you are using bread that is very fresh.  If you wish to prepare them in advance, place them closely together on a large tray and wrap them in cling film to retain the moisture in the bread.



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Photography:  Gino Galea

My breads come from Jespers Danish Bakery

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