Life and Style Weekend 3/39

You can watch Episode 3 by clicking here

‘Episode 3 of Life and Style weekend brings together a bunch of brilliant people and it was an afternoon of laughter and fun which is how life should ideally be.  Nevertheless it not always is but Saturday was certainly a special day for me as I ended in Pippa’s house eating her fabulous baked macaroni, followed by home made lemon ice cream and mqaret.  It cannot get much better than that.  Thank you Pippa and John 💛💛’

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‘With pleasure I welcomed Maria Grech Ganado 

who shared anecdotes and read some of her poetry.  What a treat !  She also spoke about her bipolar disorder – well done Maria #stopthestigma !

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Our quick and easy recipes of the week with links to English and Maltese versions:

Pumpkin Coconut Soup

Quick Chicken Kale Feta Filo Pie

Gluten Free Orange Almond Cake or Muffins

Soppa tal-qargha hamra u halib tal-coconut

Pippa’s Maltese Baked Macaroni

Mqarrun fil-forn ta’ Pippa

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‘When the smell of food whets your appetite… that is what Pippa’s food does to you and I am delighted that my friend Pippa, the writer of a number of well known cookbooks, and my mentor and teacher of cooking Maltese food, will be joining me on a regular basis during this series.’

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Dr Chris Deguara is our resident family doctor.  This is his second appearance and the subject today was mental health.  We are joined for a group discussion by Matthew our resident interiors consultant and Maria Grech Ganado who shares her personal experiences of being bipolar.

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‘Dr Maya Podesta joined us just before she set off for this year’s Rolex Middlesea Race.  Maya forms part of the crew on board of the Elusive II together with her brothers Christoph and Aaron.  She shared memories of her dad, Arthur and his love of the sea.  She grew up with this race being a central part of her life.’

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Dr Reuben Pace is a composer and producer.  He spoke about ‘Belt il-bniedem’ the first Maltese Opera Cycle about the Great Siege n Malta.  Tickets are available by clicking here

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‘Hilda is a wizard when it comes to arts and crafts.  Her ideas are so creative and she can literally transform something old and restyle it to look magnificent.  Today – transforming a plain box into a gift box ‘

Matthew and Lara, our interior design specialists join us every week to give tips and suggestions on homestyling.

‘Behind the scenes 😍

Its a wrap 3 39

‘Good times with these brilliant people today’

[Photography:  Gino Galea]

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