Healthy smoothie duo [and a hint of lemon grass]

Crops Healthy Smoothie

The combination of pureed frozen fruits and vegetables to make smoothies is endless. I am a big fan of nourishing food and smoothies suit any busy lifestyle and boost kids’ diets with vegetable that they may not usually eat.  Smoothies are perfect for our hot, sweltering summers as they combine healthy nutrition, cravings for ice cream and a quick meal option for a busy lifestyle.

I usually freeze my fruit and veg but this time tried a packet of ready-made frozen pack of mixed fruit and vegetables by Crop’s and chose the packet with kale, mango and banana with a hint of lemongrass.

The lemongrass flavour is divine and I made a two in one smoothie by mixing raw cacao with the mix for my bottom layer.  I added oats and Greek Yoghurt and the result is amazing, both visually, nutritionally and taste.  [For a vegan recipe, replace the yoghurt with a frozen plant-based milk.

For my quick healthy smoothie you will need:

150g frozen fruit and vegetables [kale, mango, banana, lemon grass]
125g Greek yoghurt
1 tablespoon glutenfree oats
1 tablespoon raw cacao

Place the frozen vegetables, fruit and yoghurt in a blender and add the oats and yoghurt

Turn the blender on high speed and puree until totally smooth.

Pour half the mixture into a container and keep aside [not the serving glass]

Add one tablespoon of raw cacao to the remainder of the mixture in the blender.

Turn on the blender again to combine.

Pour the chocolate smoothie into a long glass.

Top with the green smoothie mixture.

Decorate with some fruit and serve immediately.

[the lemon grass flavour is to die for] !


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Mornflake Glutenfree Oats and Crop’s Smoothie Fruit and Vegetables by Rimus Group
Kolios Greek Yoghurt by Quality Foods
QuestBEST raw cacao by RMC Ltd
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