Weekend Baking: Olive and Vintage Cheddar Bread [yeast free]

 ‘Weekends are sometime insane with children not being in school and baking comes in handy if you need some activities to keep them going. This is one of those ideal bakes to make with them [and for them !] and most of the ingredients are going to be in the store cupboard.  They usually like the idea of  ‘creating magic in the kitchen’.

This is another economical bake, an amber coloured loaf with the addition of smoked paprika, great with soup or a salad and economical finger food to serve with drinks or pre-dinner drinks especially if you are expecting a weekend crowd.  The crust caramelizes and is really delicious, and having no yeast, no need to wait for the loaf to double in size.

When kneading the bread and forming the loaf, add as little flour as possible. If there is too much flour it will make it rubbery.  The result is a smoky caramelized flavour crust with the inside retaining moisture and remaining soft’.


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Trade Enquiries:
Cathedral Cheddar available at George Borg Ltd Telephone 21 472 177
Plain Flour by Allinson at Borg & Aquilina
Butter by President, Fry Light Baking spray by Rimus Group
Greek Yoghurt by Kolios and Olives by Kos at Quality Foods
Kitchenware by Pedrini, Prestige and Bialetti at K&Co Telephone 79415384


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  1. This sounds amazing

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