Mozzarella Rolls and Sushi

mozzarella sheets with roasted eggplant and basil photo stefan stafrace
My mozzarella rolls of roasted eggplant and basil, as seen on TV

The mozzarella sheets are so versatile and easy to roll up with your favorite filling.  I have even used them with a sweet filling.  Today’s sheets are filled with roasted eggplant slices and fresh basil leaves, rolled in the parchment that the mozzarella comes in and left in the fridge for an hour before slicing up.

But here is something a bit differnt from Chef Seby who makes mozzarella sushi by using these soft and smooth, shiny snow white sheets of mozzarella sheets instead of nori sheets and you are able to find them locally now.

For Seby’s mozzarella sushi you will need:

seby sorbello mozzarella sushi credit ian noel pace
Mozzarella Sushi by Chef Seby, photo Ian Noel Pace

200g cooked sushi rice
2 packets mozzarella sheets
100 g shredded lettuce
150g smoked salmon
giant prawns, peeled and cleaned, one per portion
Lemon Grass for garnish
dressing of olive oil with a few drops of soy sauce and rice vinegar

Drain the water from the fresh mozzarella sheets. Use the parchment sheet that the cheese is wrapped in to roll your sushi.
Lay the mozzarella sheet on the parchment. Line each mozzarella sheet with cooked sushi rice, then with smoked salmon slices. Sprinkle shredded lettuce to top. Roll it tightly and leave int he fridge for an hour.

lice and place on a flat dish. Top each sushi roll with a giant prawn. Seby uses uncooked prawns.

Make a light dressing. Use olive oil, soy sauce and rice vinegar and lightly drizzle it on top of the sushi. Garnish with lemon grass and serve immediately.

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