Simplicity is always best.  Authentic Burrata from Puglia is shipped to Malta weekly.

strawberries and burrata

Slice some strawberries and arrange them in a circle on a plate

strawberries and burrata 2

Place a burrata cheese in the centre

burrata dark chocolate goodfoodeveryday

Top with dark melted chocolate until the strawberries are partially covered to seal the burrata and strawberries together

burrata encased in dark chocolate 5

Garnish with rosemary flowers before the chocolate completely sets

burrata encased in dark chococlate 5

As the chocolate sets, gaze at it and admire the beautiful colours as you wait in suspense and curiosity of what is yet to come…

Burrata encased in dark chocolate 6

Time to dig in.  Tell me what you think?  Did you like it?

Goodfoodeveryday is aired everyday on Smash TV

I use Burrata by Murgella available from P J Sutters

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