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Linguine with Organic Borage Pesto, photo taken by George Aquilina during a live tv show

‘I am always pleased to find borage in our organic box from Sicily by Barbuto. I have made several dishes using borage recently and this pesto is also delicious and freezes well. Cook the leaves in the same way as you would cook spinach. The hairy leaves become smooth and tender’

For the pesto you will need:

1/4 cup blanched almonds
4 cloves garlic
4 cups cooked borage leaves
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup parmegian
1/8 teaspoon grated lemon zest
salt and pepper

Dry roast the almonds in a hot and dry pan on high heat. Toss and remove from heat. Allow to cool.

Place all the ingredients in a food processor and pulse until it is a consistent paste. Season and add water if necessary to adjust to a consistency of your choice.

Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the pack. Drain and toss the pasta with the borage pesto. Serve immediately

On tv, I also made spiralised courgettes, cucumbers and carrots. The taste of cucumber blends particularly well with that of borage. Place the spiralised noodles in a large bowl and immerse them in boiling water for a minute. Drain and then toss with the borage pesto. Serve immediately.


Zucchini and Carrot Spaghetti with Borage Pesto, photo taken by George Aquilina during a live tv show

I use organic borage by Barbuto, blanched almonds by Good Earth and my spiralizer and kitchenware come from Tescoma.

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