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Its been a while with something missing in my life. How can I live without my blog? Inspite of my features appearing over a number of publications and a book coming out shortly, I feel the void of blogland. Tomorrow we carry on working with Stevia. Our special education feature started on Friday with the participation of Dr Jan Chircop, an incredibly popular familiy doctor.

Kalamita with Alfred and Dr Jan Chircop

Most of my desserts and sweets this week will feature Stevia and during Monday’s programme I will be making Apple and Strawberry jam with no added sugar.

You will need:

Half kilo of apples, Half kilo of strawberries, 2 lemons, extract the juice of 2 lemons,  grated zest of 1/4 lemon, 2 drops vanilla extract, 50g Stevia.

Choose ripe strawberries, then wash thoroughly.


Peel the apples . Mix together and add chopped fruit with lemon juice . Cook over moderate heat until the fruit starts to soften.  Add the lemon peel and the vanilla . Stir frequently . When the fruit has softened, add the stevia. Continue to cook until the jam has reached a consistency that pleases you.   The elimination of sugar produces different consistency.   Once finished , pour the hot jam into sterilized jars. (And to sterilze jars, i have a prefer this  method. You need to boil the jars and lids in a large caldron for 20 minutes, then using tongs take two sets of jars and lids, fill, cover immediately with lid and turn upside down down to seal for a few minutes. Keep the water temperature on a low boil until you finish the process. It is true that this is a long process but I feel more satisfied with this method of sterilization somehow.)

Because of the absence of processed sugar, I like to store this jam in the refrigerator.   I also love this jam pureed with a hand blender, leaving a bit of texture, just delicious.

We will have this tomorrow with some bran cupcakes and we will also try it out added to yoghurt.

If you would like to watch the show, it is available via streamlining live every Monday and Wednesday afternoon by clicking here.


Temptation, this photo reminds me of Adam and Eve, but Genesis makes no reference to an apple ( could have been a pomegranate :))

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6 responses to “Back to blog: No added sugar jam with Stevia”

  1. yum. thanks for sharing. vw

    1. Thank you, good ti hear from you 🙂

  2. I missed you, my dear friend! I am so happy for you with all the success. When your book is out, please share some excerpts. I’m sure it is a fantastic book. I wish I could watch you on TV. Is there any chance that you would put older episodes on Youtube? Shine my friend! xo

    1. the show can be viewed via streamlining Fae, the link is on this post. I hope you are well and so lovely to hear from you x

  3. Globalresidence Avatar

    Another lovely post! 😃 Always a pleasure to pass by. Wishing you a great week ahead!

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