Vietnamese Pickles


I love Vietnamese Pickles  them in sandwiches or to nibble as a snack.

With my 2 favorite boys and radio buddies, Dorian and Renato image

9 responses to “Vietnamese Pickles”

  1. I have a lot of turnips sitting around so I plan to make this later today!

      1. I made them! They’re delish!

  2. hihi 🙂 it’s used to eat in Tet – Traditional new year of VietNam, but so many kind of them 🙂

    1. I d love to try them in Vietnam ! 🙂

      1. did you travel to Vietnam? I have a friend who cook Vietnamese traditional food for foreigners at her home 🙂 U can try if u have chance 🙂

        1. No I have not been but would love to visit 🙂

          1. hope to see u 🙂

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