Xandira Specjali fl ahhar tas sena minghand L Onorevoli Roderick Galdes


Ghafas hawn biex tisma ix Xandira specjali ta l ahhar tas sena minghand l Onorevoli Roderick Galdes

Il prodotti Lokali, il Marka tal kwalita, il esportazjoni tal majjal, progress fil Pitkali u id Dipartiment tieghu….

U minghandi u Dorian Cassar, ix xewqat Tajba ghas sena l gdida !


7 responses to “Xandira Specjali fl ahhar tas sena minghand L Onorevoli Roderick Galdes”

  1. Maltese sounds very unique. In some parts like Italian, but also Arabic and something more… I’ve heard lots of languages, and I think I could definitely recognize it. Thank you for the link!

    1. Oh I am so glad you listened to this and appreciate your comments. That was Hon. Roderick Galdes, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights. there are a few programmes we made in English as our guests were not Maltese and the links are




      Wish you a wonderful new year 🙂

      1. Wow, thank you. I will check them out! 🙂

      2. Is this a food blog or a political platform?

        1. Thank you, This is my personal blog Matthew and I put on it whatever may take my fancy as that is what a personal blog is all about 🙂 wishing you a wonderful week !

  2. fair enough, however I have never seen a food blog mixing with politics. however, in my opinion, political undertones detract from what I believe is the best food blog in Malta, and one of the best I have come across even outside Malta.

    1. Thank you very much Matthew, I appreciate your comments and your appreciation of my work 🙂

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