Pumpkin month is here. So much choice and variety and at the end of this month we will see them adorned with lights, made into decorative carvings and used in all recipes imaginable, from soups to risottos and also desserts.

And we start our pumpkin bonanza of useful recipes here on the blog today using this very versatile ingredient. Here is a recipe for risotto that features in Smart Supermarket Magazine this month.


And they are prepared …


… to be delivered


And transformed, my favorite one last year was Angryface !


A delicious plate of risotto featured in Smart Supermarket magazine this month.


If you are on the island do remember pumpkin feast in Manikata on Saturday 26th !

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  1. Totally agree, I am cooking lots of recipes using pumpkin as well, all the supermakets are full of pumpking, nice dish, like it 🙂

    Best regards,

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