The feast of Santa Maria in Qrendi

If you happen to be on holiday on this beautiful island or live amongst us, do visit the village of Qrendi where the feast of Santa Maria is celebrated today.


Photography: Ian Noel Pace during a visit last year before the feast of Santa Marija.


The village cultivates potatoes as well as carob and figs, grapes, prickly pears and capers.


Each day here I live a dream, the hot sun shines, the people are wonderful, the colours are vibrant….is this real ?Qrendi 90



Out come the rods and we are showered with carob fruit.


I love making the syrup and there is so much you can do with the fruit.


The pods are gathered and taken away.


Sido arrives to cut prickly pears. Cutting is recommended first thing in the morning when the spikes are gentler.

And more rods!

And specialised equipment …


And bare hands too ….

Sidio starts to peel the fruit


Kathy, a local business woman with her grand daughters Loredana and Yanika.

And wait there is more ….


Visit Qrendi today 🙂


This is the life … where have we gone wrong ?


If you have some free time today, visit Qrendi !


9 responses to “The feast of Santa Maria in Qrendi”

  1. Great photos! Would love to be there. [?]

    1. Thank you Gayla, you must vist one day 🙂

  2. Very lovely coverage and article. I love the interaction of people and pride of being in the action.

    1. Thank you Fae, the people of Qrendi are a pleasure !

  3. How wonderful!! So much colour and vibrancy and life! It all looks so amazing xx

    1. Thank you, yes we are blessed to live here !

  4. You live in a wonderful place, Lea – and you contribute to it easily as much as it does to you. What a wonderfully symbiotic relationship ! 🙂

    1. Thank you Margaret Rose I appreciate every second here, the traditions and natural resources. How kind of you to say that I contribute to it ! Hope you are enjoyimg your weekend 🙂

      1. If only I could grasp and believe the fact that it is Sunday: my brain thinks it’s Monday. :-\

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