Vegetables al Cartoccio


For this recipe I use common ingredients typically found in every Mediterranean kitchen. The vegetables are baked in an airtight parcel in their own steam and juices with just a touch of olive oil capturing all the flavors found in fresh vegetables.

For two portions you will need:


2 cloves garlic finely chopped
2 potatoes, washed, skin on, thinly sliced
1 onion cut into chunks
1 eggplant cut into cubes, skin on
2 large tomatoes,sliced
100g ricotta, crumbled
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
Parsley two spoonfuls, leaves unchopped
2 bay leaves
Olive oil to drizzle
1 tablespoon capers

Baking paper


Arrange the ingredients on a piece of baking paper folded into two around 8 inches by 10
I started with the potatoes, then the onions and garlic, then the tomatoes, eggplant and finally the capers, ricotta, herbs and seasoning.
Drizzle a few drops of olive oil.
bake at 180C for 40 minutes.
Take the parcels out of the oven.
Leave for two minutes before serving them as they are individually on plates.


I use vegetables by Big Fresh in Mosta, sheep’s ricotta by Zappala and spices by Schwartz, both at PJ Sutters

15 responses to “Vegetables al Cartoccio”

    1. Thank you, yes it is !

      1. carta forno in the same as baking paper

  1. Ooh, that looks nice 🙂 do you use a standard baking paper?

    1. Yes i do Elaine! How are you? Hope you are enjoying your summer !

      1. Okay, cool, I’ve never tried this 🙂 if you read today’s post, you’ll see that I’ve had a good day, but it can all change…! I hope you’re well xxx

        1. I will elaine ! Have a great week !

  2. Hi, Lea. This looks fabulous and I imagine tastes as good as it looks. I definitely need to give this a try.

    1. Thank you Richard, it does look and taste good and so easy to make, hope all well with you !

  3. I wonder how many gas units would be used up by 150 degress for 40 minutes …? This looks so lovely that I might just try … 😀 Thank you, Lea !!!

    1. Hello MR, i asked a froend who uses gas, she says gas mark 3 ! Hope all well with you !

  4. I love al cartoccio/en papillote/in parchment and make them occasionally for elegant variety. As you mentioned, made with everyday Italian ingredients sounds fantastico. I shall make it, with a Persian twist, caramelize the eggplant before adding it. 😀 )))

    1. Yes that would be lovely Fae, I love Persian food and flavors !

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