And how do we cook fresh chick peas? a week in June …



Fresh chick peas from the market this morning and I am preparing them for lunch. Come with me to the Mediterranean today and experience our life from where we are right here.


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14 responses to “And how do we cook fresh chick peas? a week in June …”

  1. As a kid growing up in Northern Lebanon, I would buy a bunch of fresh chickpeas off a street vendor, who would have them all piled up high on a cart. My friends and I would sit on a bench picking the green chickpeas and eating it raw. A much healthier snack than the ones kids eat these days. Your photo brought back some precious memories. Thank you 🙂

    1. How lovely, we also mostly buy them from street vendors! And you will lnow how womderfully delicious they are. For more flavors of the Mediterranean, do visit me on Di-ve News every Sunday and would love to hear from you.
      have a great Sunday !

      1. Just checked out ur post 🙂 thank you. Sunday is nearly over in my part of the world. I’d like to visit Malta one day, fingers crossed.

        1. That would be lovely to see you here, the transition from virtuality to reality 🙂 and more fresh chickpeas if in June, have a great week ahead and thank you for your comments !

  2. They are great grilled – they get charred a bit on the outside and steamed inside the pod.

    1. oh i have never tried them this way, thanks for the tip. I shall certainly try it. For more news from our part of the world do visit me at
      Every Sundaybon Di-ve News.
      thank you for getting in touch!

  3. Love the photo. I have never seen fresh chick peas on the vine.

    1. They are delcious, not common fresh, a very short season here. Visit here Sundays Jovina

  4. I saw fresh chickpeas in shells for the first time this year at Whole Foods. I was wondering how they are used. Looking forward to see in your upcoming post. 🙂

    1. Good morning Fae, fresh chick peas are an unusual ingredient. on the island, the season is short. i will be posting my recipe today but you can simply toss them in a salad, they are delicious and full of vitamins. i tossed them into a plate of warm pasta right at the end so that they keep their color and crispness. I will be posting the recipe today. Did you have a look at my post on di-ve news? ? have a lovely day !

      1. Good Morning, Lea,
        – I’m sorry I did not mention it. Yes, I did. You have met many people and covered quite a bit of subjects. I am interested to know the recipe you are going to post for rabbit too.
        – So, I can use fresh chickpeas raw, as I do with fresh raw green peas! Fantastic!

        1. Absolutely. I will be posting it today Fae! So appreciate hearing your comments !

  5. I’ve never seen fresh chickpeas here in London – although I will look out for them now. They look great.

    1. Thank you so much, i am just finishing a post with a recipe !

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