How much fresher can it get? I visit a local chicken farm !


I visited Katy at her poultry farm this week and I meet her wonderful family.

I am left speechless by her drive and ability. This is an amazing family who against all odds have reached achievement brought about by a lifetime of dedication, sheer hard work and the benevolence of new funding.

I am honored to know them, salt of the earth, hardworking and resourceful, the world should be full of people like them. This is my first of a series of visits and I have started to feature them in today’s paper.


We will be able to see the transparancy of the food chain in local produce. How can you compare food that is so fresh, where the source is known, the process vetted and where you can be assured of cleanliness. As well as being well managed, the place is pristine.

And speaking about chicken, we are having some boneless chicken legs on the bbq today.


I have marinated them in orange juice from the last of the Sevilles, now at the very end of their season, a bit of olive oil, fresh rosemary and tulbaghia also known as posh garlic from the garden, sea salt and freshly ground pepper and i cannot wait for this evening.


I love the combination of orange and poultry and if you do not have a bbq try my baked Chicken with Caramelized Oranges . I make this often using very similar ingredients.


And with the end of citrus season, comes my last batch of marmalade, a mix this week of sevilles and lemon. The result is fantastic, more like a jelly with absolutely no pectin, gelatin or setting agents, all natural but with a lot of sugar too. Instead of cutting the rind into slivers, I have used a flower plunge cutter and I am thrilled with the result to share with you at some point this week.


Next on my list is a jam of fig using Stevia. Figs are so naturally sweet and rarely need any pectin and I think they make a wonderful jam with stevia. But of course sugar is a preservative and I will have to storie it in the fridge..


I sense the excitement in the kids as Katy and the family prepare for the celebratory opening of the new building next week and It seems to be a double celebration for them as I drive away through the village also in the swing of preparations for the feast of the village patron saint which falls on the same weekend.

And from the glorious heart of the Mediterranean, I wish you a wonderful Saturday!


7 responses to “How much fresher can it get? I visit a local chicken farm !”

  1. A wonderful Saturday to you All those luscious ingredietns so close by should make it even more wonderful.

    1. Amazing ingredients you are right Jovina, have a great weekend !

  2. BBQ…yummers! :O

    1. Thank you, yes it is, have a great weekend !

  3. And wonderful saturday to you too Lea xx great post as always xx

    1. Thank you Elaine, glad you enjoyed it and hope you are keeping well.

      1. I did, must be great to meet the people working so hard x

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