Strawberries filled with yoghurt and cream



The photo below shows the strawberries with a mix of yoghurt and cream, perhaps a treat for Sunday breakfast, but you can go a step further and make Cheesecake strawberries as you will get all the flavors of eating a cheesecake into a bite, perfect to end a meal without overeating…


You will need

500g fresh strawberries, washed and hulled

100g double cream
100g greek yoghurt and if you on the island, use local. Its just as good and a praction of the price.
OR swap with
200g cream cheese beaten

1 spoon honey or carob syrup
A few drops vanilla extract
6 digestive biscuits
100g ground nuts, I used pistachio

Cut a small piece off the tip of the strawberries so that they will stand on a plate. Save the tip.
Use a paring knife to hollow out a small whole in the centre of each strawberry
Beat the double cream and when it thickens add the yoghurt.
Add the carob syrup or nozzle and mix in until its consistent.
Fill a disposable piping bag with the mixture.
Snip only a small part of the tip off.
Fill up each strawberry with the mix.
Crush the digestive biscuits to a fine powder and sprinkle each strawberry with the biscuits and top with ground nuts. I love pistachios both in flavor and for color contrast.
You can either serve them as they are or cover the strawberry with the tip that you have cut off previously.
Refrigerate before serving.



18 responses to “Strawberries filled with yoghurt and cream”

  1. This is awesome! will have to try 🙂

    1. i love all desserts using fresh fruits and it is a very simple idea for a bit of a change !

      1. Fresh and yum, can’t go wrong 🙂

  2. What a clever idea – very refreshing.

    1. very simple Jovina and I just love using fresh fruit …

  3. They look so delicious!

    1. Thank you, they are and just the right size to end a meal !

  4. You are … AMAZING, Lea ! But as long as you have people around to help you with the time it takes to do these wonderful things, I can only say “ROCK ON !”. [grin]

    1. Im glad you like them Margaret Rose, they do mot take any time at all to make them and are just the right size if you feel like soething sweet !

  5. These look amazing, such a simple but effective idea! I may have to borrow this one…!! X

    1. Very simple and the combination of flavors is mmmm, very quick to make, good day to you Elaine !

      1. Just fab, I may have to make these for my mums party….! Have a great day Leah x

  6. Delicious and such a pretty presentation.

    1. Thank you for your visit, appreciate !

  7. I love strawberries and this is such a great idea but I will have to wait till winters to make this as we get strawberries in winterXx

    1. You will make them beautifully i am sure as you do with everything else !

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