Memories of an Easter Sunday and the left overs …


At the end of today, when all the family gatherings and festivities are over, when Easter comes to an end and we are organizing our food leftovers, we will remain with precious memories to treasure and a great part of them will focus on the food we have shared during this celebration…. and how very true it is that life is not how you live it but how you remember it (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

The memories will live with us forever but what about the food left overs ?


With the left-over lamb, I make a lamb and vegetable casserole which is delicious and will make a good weekday meal for Monday. I chop the lamb into cubes, remove all the bones and fat. I take this opportunity to use up all the vegetables I may have in the fridge and chop them up together with any left-over vegetables from today’s roast and I mix everything together. I then wash some potatoes well, slice them up very thinly with the skin still on. I also prepare a couple of stock cubes dissolved in water. Then I use a casserole dish and oil it by wiping some kitchen towel with a dab of olive oil all over it. I alternate a layer or chopped vegetables, a layer of lamb and a layer of potatoes and I repeat this until I have used everything up ending up with a layer of overlapping potatoes. I pour the stock into the casserole to keep the moistness but do not overdo it. I cook it in a moderate oven at 160 C covered for one hour and leave to rest for 10 minutes before serving. You can also add raw sliced onions over your vegetable layer and any fresh hers or parsley that you may have. This is a delicious, wholesome meal with no wastage ….

If you are vegetarian, you and need to leave the meat out, cook the vegetables in the same way. I have also tried this with tofu instead of lamb and the result was very good.

I keep looking at Ann Marie’s colorful Easter cookies and I appreciate so much the work that goes into hand made food as I know how time consuming it is, and from my personal experience I feel that many who are not sweet makers have no idea that it requires a lot of time, talent and skill to produce such beautiful work.

And these Easter cookies will remain with me forever as a memory of today as will my current life here on an island that not only happens to be in the heart of the Mediterranean but i believe it is the very soul of the Mediterranean. I wish you all a wonderful Easter !



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