Fresh Pork Traybake, a quick everyday meal

Pork Traybake, photos CJ Baldacchino during a live tv show

‘There are just over 100 pig farms on the island and local fresh pork is amazing in flavour and texture.  You cannot get fresher than local as the size of the island facilitates the distribution of pork to village butchers and shops within 24 hours of slaughter.

This is an all-in-one quick meal, ideal for feeding a crowd.   I like to line my dish with foil, then baking paper to avoid a lot of cleaning afterwards.   What I like about this dish is that you do not have to worry about measuring and simply use the quantities that suit you.  The fresh fruit in this dish caramelise in their own natural sugars, without any need to baste or do anything.  I make this dish using plums or apricots or apples.  Combine with fresh sage and this dish is a winner’


You will need :

Pork loin chops, allow one or two per person depending on appetites
Olive oil OR cooking spray [on tv today I used Garlic infused cooking spray]
[Ham or bacon, optional and I left it out during today’s show]
Apples OR plums OR nectarines
Potatoes and root vegetables, calculate half per person, washed and thinly slice with skin on [during today’s show I used swede, parsnip, turnip, a sweet potato and a regular potato]
Fresh herbs such as sage OR rosemary

Fresh Parsley
Red chili flakes OR rose peppercorns [optional]
Chopped Hazelnuts OR Cashew Pieces
Juice of half a lemon
some grated lemon zest

pork tray bake cj chop

Preheat oven to 200-220C.

Use a baking spray to coat the dish.
Cover the bottom of the dish lined with baking paper with very thin slices of the mixed root vegetables.
Arrange the pork chops on top of the rot vegetables.
Combine the finely chopped parsley and some of the sage with a little bit of olive oil and rub over the pork.
Cut up the apples [or fruit of your choice] and arrange neatly around the pork.
Squeeze half a lemon all over the pork. Scatter the lemon zest over the top
Season with sea salt and pepper.

If you are using ham or bacon, scatter the chopped ham/bacon all over the dish followed by more fresh herbs and parsley, some chopped nuts of your choice and the red peppercorns or  chili flakes which are optional ingredients.
Bake in oven for about 35 to 40 minutes, depending on how crispy you would like your pork. The apples or fruit that you use will caramelise naturally. Leave to  5 minutes. Garnish with some more chopped hazelnuts or cashew pieces and serve.  I served mine with brocoletti and red quinoa. The colours make this dish look wonderful and it is delicious.

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Trade Enquiries:
Fry Light Garlic Oil by Rimus Group

Pork by Majjal ta’ Malta

Fresh Fruit herbs and Vegetables by Big Fresh Mosta and Oscar’s Fruit and Vegetables Paola and Barbuto [organic]

17 responses to “Fresh Pork Traybake, a quick everyday meal”

  1. Well kiss my grits….fresh island pork….you have any bacon or pork belly, I feel a hankering for a BLT. 😉

  2. Wow, irresistible indeed!! I like Babe! 🙂

    1. Gorgeous and cute Babe, treated just like a Princess

  3. Delicious ingredients…sounds great! (And Babe is a darling!)

    1. Thank you Nancy, I am glad you like it ! Babe is adorable and I will be back again soon…it was amazing visiting the farm and seeing the way the pigs are bred and treated with the respect they deserve !

    1. Thank you so much Mr J !

  4. I love the post you make me laugh and smile!!!! Babe is cute, the dish sounds and looks awesome. I will have to attempt it soon however I am not sure I can import the pork from you local farm… I suppose I will have to just trust my local butcher. Thank you for the many gifts you chose to share with this “Real McCoy” post. 🙂

      1. Yes a laugh and smile are always good! You have an awesome sense of humor and some amazing gifts! I will let you know I am however quite sure yours would be soooooo much better. Thank you! 🙂

  5. I can’t comment on the recipe as no one in this house eats pork, sorry!! But love the photo of you with babe xx

  6. Yummmmmmy pork! This looks delicious xx

    1. Yes it’s a great ingredient

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