International Women’s Day … Iceberg Hunk with Walnuts and Stilton

I will not go into the obvious about International Women’s Day as many better writers will address this today but I micro-focus on my daily working life in an industry that is male-dominated on the island and I often ask myself why are women with a voice sometimes labelled as combative? I hope this will change soon and there will be room for women’s thoughts so that they are given a chance to bring in fresh ideas which are, as everyone knows, needed ! That is my rambling of the day and just a thought before I go out to cook with the boys, but do have a look at this well researched history of International Women’s Day .

Saul cut this iceberg lettuce for me so it could not be fresher and I sliced it right across and left it in a big hunk to make a very pretty salad. It looks wonderful plated.

You will need:

One iceberg lettuce, and slice into three, whole as it is after washing and removing external leaves
250g Stilton or blue cheese of your choice, crumbled
150g walnuts, pan roasted and broken into chunks
Cherry tomatoes, allow 3 per person, sliced
Olives, allow 4 per person, sliced
Grapes, allow 6 per person, halved, deseeded
Capers, leave out if you do not like, but we love the bitter flavor with the sweetness of the grapes

500ml Greek Yoghurt and here we use the local variety as it is delicious and a fraction of the price
Olive oil, 100 ml
Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper
Two tablespoons low fat mayonnaise, and you can also leave this out but the mayonnaise gives the dressing a sweeter taste
Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper

For the salad, place each hunk of lettuce (you should have three large thick slices out of every lettuce) on a place. Trim the rounded side off the bottom on the two side bits so that they sit firmly on the plate.

Remove a few leaves from the centre and arrange them around the hunk of lettuce. It will look like a flower with pretty green petals.
Arrange a few slices of tomatoes, olives, some capers and grapes inside each leaf (petal) around the hunk.

Prepare the dressing by mixing all the ingredients together. The center of each hunk of lettuce should have room for the dressing, as you have taken out some of the leaves in the center to place around the hunk. Fill the center cavity with the dressing and it will also serve as a dip in the centre.

Top with pan roasted walnut pieces and crumbled Stilton.

Season with Maldon Salt and freshly ground pepper.
I served this with breadsticks for dipping into the dressing.

This recipe is vegetarian, gluten free, egg free if you leave out the mayonnaise.

And Spring is in full bloom already …


26 responses to “International Women’s Day … Iceberg Hunk with Walnuts and Stilton”

  1. Not only does this salad make me drool, it fills me with determination to find some stilton! – which is, after all, so very individual a cheese!
    As to your opening comments, Lea … it’s a man’s world still. I personally believe it’s actually becoming more so, not less – would that I could believe differently. I am myself one of those women who get up men’s noses because I am strident – yes, and ‘combative’; but I was lucky enough to marry a bloke to whom the issue of gender equality was taken for granted. Now as I get old, I am more combative than ever …

  2. Happy International Women’s Day!
    I know exactly where your ‘rambling’ come from, having worked with ‘good ol’ boys’ corporate world for 25+ years. Even in very modern USA, we still need to advance.
    This iceberg salad is as fresh as a salad can be, and with cheese, walnuts and tomato toppings is more special.

    • Haha Fae and after I wrote that I turn up to work on an assignment yesterday and found two delightful young female graduates to work with, first time ever and my boys in the morning were sweethearts ! Hope you are enjoying your weekend !

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