Pink sky at night sailor’s delight: Vegetarian Spanish Tortilla


A thick omlette cooked in lots of olive oil with chunky soft potatoes, and it will be delicious eaten cold the next day. I think this must be the most popular dish in Spain with tapas or cut up into small squares and served with drinks in most bars. You can clear out any left-overs in your fridge, chop and add them in.  Use the quantities that suit you and take your fancy.

The cooked tortilla


After cooking it on the stove top, place it under the grill for the surface to brown, without having the need to flip it over.


Cook the potatoes in the microwave with skin on, leave to cool and chop up


Chop up some mushrooms, sauté them in a drizzle of olive oil, keep aside.


Mature cheddar roughly sliced


Sauté a chopped onion and some bell peppers until they are soft


And don’t forget a bit of chilli if you like spicy, otherwise leave it out !


You will need:

800g potatoes, cooked in the microwave with skin on and chopped
1 onion, chopped and cooked
150ml virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon chopped flatleaf parsley or fresh herbs of your choice or simply leave out
10 eggs, beaten
Vegetables of your choice, chopped up and cooked, Ari uses mushrooms and bell peppers
Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper
Chilli, optional, if you do not like it simply leave out

Heat the oil in a large frying pan, add the cooked potatoes and onion and cook gently for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until the potatoes are even softer. Add the vegetables and chili if you choose to use it and stir.

Add the beaten eggs and arrange the cheddar cheese all around the top. Cook on gentle heat,

When almost set, place the pan under a grill on gentle heat until the surface cooks and becomes golden brown.

Leave to rest for 5 minutes, slide on to a serving plate and we like to slice ours at table. Refrigerate any left overs, it is so delicious the day after cut into cubes, Spanish style !

My vegetables and eggs come from Big Fresh Mosta Cheeses from Experia The Deli and P J Sutters, Kitchenware by Tescoma, appliances by Kitchenaid at Forestals


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  1. Wow the pink sky! Do u critique sometimes too? Haha. 😄

    1. Yes it was fantastic yesterday ! Incredible …

    1. Thank you Elaine, it is simple good food x

  2. You’ll probably think it’s a daft question but how long do I give the spuds in the micro? 🙂

    1. Hi Jo, depending on your microwave and the size of the potatoes but basic method :
      Wash potatoes. Pierce with a fork. Place on paper towel in microwave and cook on high for 5 minutes for the first potato, plus 3 minutes for 2nd and 3rd potato and 2 minutes for any additional potatoes. Turn over potatoes halfway through cooking.
      Hope this helps !

      1. Thanks a lot! That’s a wonderfully technical answer. 🙂 I did have a booklet somewhere giving approximate timings but heaven knows where.

  3. Beautiful photo and one of my favorite egg dishes.

    1. Thank you Jovina ! Simple and healthy !

  4. So glad Elaine introduced you to me! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Laura, appreciate !

  5. Gorgeous pink sky… and very yummy tortilla dish. 😛

    1. The most beautiful sky and simple easy fresh food. Have a great day Fae !

    1. thank you, it was really beautiful !

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