Quick weekday meal…Roasted Sunchoke Soup


A quick and easy weekday meal. Soups are lovely in winter and although it is windy with a light rainfall today, this has been a mild winter so far … we have not needed to turn on the heating in the last 10’days.

Sunchokes are now available locally. On the island they are known as Jerusalem Artichokes. They are high in minerals especially potassium, have ZERO cholesterol and are known to help lower blood pressure. This is a wintry soup with a nutty flavor and a velvety texture when liquidized. It is a bit time consuming to peel the sunchokes but its worth it. I have made the soup again today and just scrubbed the sunchoke skins well before roasting in the oven for half an hour and then proceeded with the rest of the process. So it’s your choice: scrubbed and roasted sunchokes or simply peeled and you cook them in the same way after roasting, directly with the rest of the vegetables. I like the roasted flavor, it’s more nutty. I also garnish with yoghurt instead of cream, but again this is your choice.

You will need:

1kg Sunchokes, peeled and cubed OR scrubbed, roasted and then added to the other vegetables
350g leeks, finely sliced
100g potato, peeled and cubed
1 medium onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1.5 litres stock
100ml yoghurt
Sea Salt and pepper
Drizzle of Olive oil
Chopped Parsley to garnish, this is optional

Sweat all the vegetables together with the peeled or roasted sunchokes until soft in a drizzle of olive oil on low heat for about 20 minutes. Add the stock, bring to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes, until the artichokes soften. Season, Leave to cool.

Liquidise the soup until smooth then return to the pot. Warm over a medium heat, add the yoghurt and season. Serve in warmed bowls, topped with a teaspoon of yoghurt or cream if you prefer and finish with a swirl of olive oil.

The beautiful lush banana trees in the garden yesterday. The local fruit has a mild sour flavor which I love…..


8 responses to “Quick weekday meal…Roasted Sunchoke Soup”

    1. Thank you Jueseppi ! Have a wonderful evening !

  1. So simple and yet so decadent soup/meal.
    I don’t believe I ever had sunchoke, and that must change. I shall look for them at my grocer.
    Indeed you are a fine writer. I have lots of learning to do.

    1. Thank you Fae. Let me know what you think of your soup when you make it and thank you for your comments and following. I am flattered and greatly appreciate !

  2. Beautiful soup and perfect for the cold weather we are having in Texas. Amazingly, it’s been below freezing the past several days.

    1. Sorry to hear its so cold in Texas Richard. I am going to annoy you but we are having an extremely mild winter with clear bright skies with a temperature today of 18 C!! Let me know how your soup will turn out ….

  3. Looks like a very appetizing soup.Jerusalem artichokes have a very short season here. I’ll bookmark this recipe for when I can get them.

    1. Hello Jovina, it’s a wholesome and healthy soup and I look forward to hearing how yours turns out when you make it !

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