A taste of the American Dream in the heart of the Mediterranean …. how to make Stromboli


I write this blog knowing that most of you who visit are from the USA, an ocean and continent away.

You have become so very special to me and I am touched by your contact and daily messages. You are curious and ask questions, a mere spot on the world map that some of you did not know about.

Yesterday I prepared my food and cookery page that appears on Thursdays in the local newspaper. Tomorrow I will be sharing with with my readers on the island the story of the American dream, of hope and opportunity and the importance of following your dream.

On the island over the next few weeks, we are publishing the story of Vito who left Italy for America in 1966 to pursue his dream. We saw the opening of one of Vito’s restaurants on the island last month and with the courtesy of Vito we are able to offer our readers with tomorrow’s paper a taste of the American Dream all the way from New York in the form of a voucher for a free meal and if you scroll right down to the bottom of this posting, I am giving you a preview of tomorrow’s front page !

And for you all in the USA who will not be able to get a voucher for a free meal tomorrow, I am instead showing you a step-by-step guide of how we made Stromboli at Vito’s and perhaps you will want to try it out at home!

The dough is rolled out into a rectangular shape


A thick layer of mozzarella is scattered


Generous slices of chorizo topped with smoked ham

A topping of caramelized roasted vegetables


The dough is closed up to form the hugest, longest turnover


Slits are made to allow the steam out and more roasted vegetables are added to conceal the gaps, and into the oven

A wonderful smell of something so delicious and fresh

A dusting of Parmesan and herbs, a drizzle of olives oil and ready to eat, mmmmmmmm just delicious …

In tomorrow’s paper I am writing about Andrew Farrugia , one of the world’s best chocolatiers today and young Jamie Anthony Cini. We also catch up with my friend Reuben Grixti who I believe is one of the best role models for the younger generation and together with Reuben, I have developed many new recipes. We go over to the United Kingdom and catch up with Joe Pace at Parparellu in the Fulham Road, London and with Chris Zammit in Eastbourne who is making a name for himself with his butter sculptures.
And you will also hear about Andrea, Rodianne and Michele three young talented cooks. I was also impressed by Jesmond Ciantar’s investment in the younger generation, very similar to the way Vito grew his chain in New York ……and lots more…..

And to you in the USA, I will share with you in my blog over the next few weeks these achievements and more recipes that you love.

But for today from the heart of the Mediterranean, I wish you all again a good day and a fabulous year ahead.

And here is a photo of me and Andrew discussing the tallest chocolate building in the world


A preview of tomorrow’s front page !

11 responses to “A taste of the American Dream in the heart of the Mediterranean …. how to make Stromboli”

  1. Happy New Year, Lea. That is one heck of a stromboli! It looks absolutely delicious. How many people did you feed with it?

    1. Happy New Year Richard! We made the Stromboli at Vitio’s and my first time cooking in a pizzeria ! The stromboli was shard by 4 of us but it depends on how big your appetite is !! Let me know if you try it at home !

  2. Happy new year honey! Wow what a stromboli! I look forward to reading more and more of your endeavours in cuisine

    1. A wonderful new year to you Dimple and thank you for your following ! We made this at Vito’s and it was delicious? If you make it at home let me know your results !

  3. One of my favorite foods to serve as an appetizer.

    1. Happy new year Jovina and thank you ! I made this Stromboil at Vito’s and it was delicious. What do you usually put in your filling ?

  4. So, where can I find a recipe ? Please.

    1. Hello Susan, you will find the dough recipe on this link and all you have to do is follow the photo recipe on this posting, Hope this helps. let me know if you need any more information !

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