Celebrating Thanksgiving on an island abundant with blessings …


The US Ambassador HE Ms Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley welcomes me to her home and shares her favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

It is the time of the year again when Americans all over the world stop to thank for their blessings, to appreciate and give thanks for what they have. Gratitude for the harvest, the provision, the abundance….. a nation so diverse with a fusion of cuisines and an integration of cultures, today is thanksgiving for everyone to remember and thank and spend a day with those who matter.

20131128-122142.jpg The Thanksgiving Table at the Embassy with beautiful Pickard crockery and Lenox Silverware


And HE The Ambassador of the USA shares some of her favorite recipes.

Her mother’s recipe for Sweet Potato Pie


Home made Cranberry Orange Marmalade with Mediterranean oranges from her garden…

Old fashioned corn muffins

And her favorite chocolate cake with beetroot frosting

A recipe for my Apple Meringue Pie

20131128-101501.jpgA Stuffed Turkey Breast recipe from Luke Woodend at Le Meridien.


Today’s newspaper

On a glorious island blessed with abundance …
with much to be thankful for, where it is thanksgiving everyday; the golden sunshine nurturing the fruit and produce growing in the Mediterranean earth, completely surrounded by the bluest sea, a feast of natural beauty all around, we stop and remember to thank for all our blessings …


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