A rumtopf inspired fruit compote ….


With Christmas approaching, I start to automatically think of Christmasy treats and I made this fruit compote yesterday out of fruit that was starting to go soft. I had kiwis, plums and grapes but did not have much time to spare.

For Christmas I always make the fantastic German treats, the irresistible german gingerbread, the cinnamon stars, I can smell the spices, home made Stollen, gluhwein , the German cookies, spizbuben…. can’t wait …. and this compote was made while I was thinking of Rumtopf, but made very quickly and without doubt will disappear quickly …

This is a good way to use fruit that is going soft and I think it would not look the same without the plums or addition of red fruit. This is not a jam, I added a fraction of the sugar and it makes a great accompaniment mixed with yoghurt for breakfast or dessert, added to fruit flans with fresh fruits and also spooned over cakes and other desserts, ideal for Thanksgiving next week ….. I did not add any cinnamon or spices as we will have our fair amount next month, but lots of lemon zest and it looked gorgeous in a large glass bowl.

You will need :

A mix of fruit, I used plums destoned with skin on and roughly chopped, kiwis peels and roughly chopped, seedless grapes with skin onset whole.

Weigh the fruit and put into a large pot.

Juice and zest of lemon, allow two lemons per kilo, place in pot with the fruit

Sugar, I used a quarter of the weight of the fruit, so with two kilos fruit, I used 500g sugar, keep aside

1 glass Marsala

Honey, I used local thyme honey, 1 spoon per kilo

I have made this before using carob syrup instead of honey and here is the recipe.

Cook the fruit in lemon juice, marsala and zest in a large pot over medium heat, covered up. Stir so that it does not stick but it is important to keep the pot covered so that the vegetables cook in their own stem and you will not need to add any water. When it is soft and mushy, mix in the sugar all at once and stir in. Increase the heat and bring to a fast boil. Lower the heat making sure you keep a rolling boil for 10 minutes. Turn off and add the honey or carob syrup.


Leave to cool and it looks beautiful in a large glass pot.

A mild Mediterranean winter captured by Ari yesterday ….

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