Very Chocolatey Pots ….with reduced fat reduced sugar …


Greek food at the hotel on Fridays and I make a variety of desserts, some soft and quite healthy desserts using greek yoghurt and a range of traditional Greek pastries and cakes using a stack of recipes I collected when I lived in Cyprus. Some were given to me by local friends who were great cooks and some came from chefs at restaurants. I am really enjoying the opportunity to try them all out.

Today’s recipe uses 0% fat Greek Yoghurt and the basis of this recipe is similar to my Greek Yoghurt Surprise adapted from Prue Leith’s original recipe but I have added lots of dark chocolate spread to give a delicious Chocolatey dessert that is guaranteed to kill all the cravings without costing too many calories ! I use Total Greek Yoghurt by Fage and the fat free version is 57 calories per 100g as opposed to 98 calories for the full fat version. I sprinkle some bee pollen on top. It is considered to be a great superfood and I think it looks very striking scattered over dark chocolate.

You will need :

100g double cream
200g Greek yoghurt, I use Total Greek Yoghurt 0%
2 tbsp honey, I use local thyme honey
5 spoons chocolate spread, I used a very dark one
Bee pollen for garnish, optional

A mix of chopped nuts with a spoon of brown sugar, some cinnamon and some crumbled up cookies. This is optional.

You will also need a piping bag if you wish a smooth finished look like mine. I like using disposable piping bags, no need for a nozzle for this recipe . Nicole Weston at Baking Bites suggests using a plastic bag successfully if you do not have a piping bag handy. If you prefer to spoon them into a pot, simply flatten the surface by dipping a spoon into hot water and wiping it before flattening the surface and you can sprinkle some of the cookie mix on top.

Whip the double cream until stiff. Fold in the Greek yoghurt. Add the honey and use a metal spoon to mix in gently. The Greek yoghurt does not make the cream runny at all, it actually firms it up like a mousse. Add half the chocolate spread and keep the rest aside if you would like the same effect as mine. I make it in two layers with the darker chocolate layer on the top.

In a separate bowl have the cookie crumble mixture ready.

Pipe half the cream mixture into glasses or pots. Sprinkle a dusting of cookie crumble mixture. I also mixed some of the crumble mix with the bottom later of the chocolate cream and left the top layer smooth.

Add the rest of the chocolate to the remaining half of the cream mix for the darker top layer. Pipe into the glass. Scatter some bee pollen if desired. Do not overdo it. A delicious lightish dessert to finish off a meal ….


And my tip of the day is about using a plastic bag for piping and I suggest you look at Nicole Weston at Baking Bites for her easy to follow instructions !

7 responses to “Very Chocolatey Pots ….with reduced fat reduced sugar …”

    1. They are and not too calorific !

  1. I’m loving the bee pollen garnish!

    1. Thank you, I like it on dark chocolate as its very striking !

  2. i don’t know what kind of chocolate spread you mean… Like Nutella? Do you know a brand? Would live to make this! Looks amazing!

    1. Yes like Nutella although I love the flavor of Loacker spread, do let me know how it turns out 🙂

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