Irish Stromboli for the Hennessys


This week we see the arrival of Stromboli to the island all the way from New York brought to us by Vito Pizza.

This Italian sausage shape turnover was created in the 50s and named after the movie Stromboli with Ingrid Bergman.
Bill Daley of the Chicago Tribune best describes the difference between Stromboli and calzone.

Joe di Bartoli, CEO of Pizza Vito made a special delivery to the Hennessy household this week with an Irish Stromboli stuffed with Kerrygold mature cheddar and Irish bacon. It was delicious and he will be offering it for a limited period in his new outlet on the island !

Stromboli or Calzone ?

Ready to bake !

And if you wish to make Calzone or Stromboil, here is my recipe for the dough ….

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