Is it fusion or confusion? Eating Ramen Burger in the Mediterranean!

This is my home made Ramen Burger ! 20131013-164456.jpg

I prepared this post last week and was quite skeptical about the idea of a Ramen Burger. I wanted to attempt cooking a ramen burger before I published the post as I never write about food I have not cooked myself. I could not quite imagine having a craving for a burger and noodles on the same night or wishing to eat an American burger with Asian noodles together at the same time .

Until last evening I wondered if this is fusion or confusion? But it is neither, this is creativity. It is a symbiotic blend of cultures and ingredients. So I have rewritten my post again today…

I started to change my mind last night while I was preparing the ramen burgers for supper and then I was totally convinced that this is going to be a winner when my children were over the moon with their supper. They are usually quite critical when it comes to food as they have lived in so many countries and tried so many different cuisines. In fact they were brought up on Asian food for the first few years of their lives. In my family, we all cook. The more you do so, the more you are demanding in your tastes and expectations, so thumbs up to the Ramen Burger. I got a lot of praise and positive feedback.

I am sure that the ramen burger will be as available and popular as sushi in every country in the years to come…. and more affordable too ! Well done Keizo…

I always admire creative people. Keizo Shimamoto created the Ramen Burger this summer and I read in the Los Angeles Times that 1000 people waited from 6:30am to grab a taste of the Burger in September when it made its debut on the West Coast. Many went home disappointed.

Keizo is passionate about what he does. He gave up a career in Computer programming to earn a living from feeding people the food he loved. He took noodles one step further out of the comfort zone with the creation of the Ramen Burger. Born to Japanese parents in California, what could be more natural for him than to come up with a blend of the two cultures in a simple dish that may become the first real fusion classic !

If you wish to support Keizo to win a award for small businesses, you can vote for him online.
You can also folow his news on his website Go Ramen.

So last night, on a little quiet island far away from the original Ramen Burger in Brooklyn, we had Ramen Burgers for supper….

You will need :
Serves 2

350g good pork mince
2 tablespoons soy sauce for pork plus two tablespoons for the noodle ‘buns’
2 tablespoons sweet chili sauce plus two tablespoons to top the cooked meat burger
A drizzle of fish sauce
1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger
2 tablespoons torn up fresh coriander
Noodles I use Blue Dragon Medium Egg Noodles
1/2 egg white, mixed well with a fork
Lambs lettuce

Mix the pork mince with the soy sauce, sweet chilli, grated ginger, fish sauce and coriander.

Boil some water. Place the noodle nests in a bowl with a flat bottom. Immerse in boiling water and cover. Do not stir as you need to retain the circular compact shape as much as possible.

Heat a non stick pan over moderate heat with a drizzle of oil. Place two egg rings on top of the pan and with a flat spatula lift each nest and drain the water. Try to retain the shape. Gently place each nest in the circular egg ring on the pan and press down. Drizzle some soy sauce cover the noodles. Then take a fork dipped in the egg white and drizzle a few drops onto the noodles as the cook. Do not overdo it. When mine were cooked there was no retrace of egg visible and you need the egg white rather than the whole egg so that it does not leave an eggy aftertaste and retains its color.

Flip over the noodle nest to cook the other side. I removed the egg ring at this stage as mine retained their shape.

Do you think this is a fad or will it stay with us for years to come ? What do you think? Keen to hear your views….


The ingredients…Keizo uses 75% beef, I have used pork for a more traditionally Asian taste….

Immersing the noodles in hot water.

A touch of oil in a non stick pan and preparing the rings to cook the noodles

Cooking the noodles on gentle heat in the rings until the surface slightly crisps to a golden color leaving a moist and soft center

Cooked on two sides, the noodle ‘bun’ is placed in kitchen towel to absorb any extra fat

The burgers are cooked in the same rings to have the same size as the bun

Assembling the burger, bottom part of noodle bun on the plate…

Keizo uses arugula, I used lamb’s lettuce as I like its flavor with soy sauce

Keeping it neat and tidy…

Burger is placed on top !

And a dash of sweet chili sauce…

And it’s ready to eat… just delicious…..

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  1. cool! I saw this in a magazine article the other day and was wondering if it was good. Your pics look fantastic. Will have to give it a go. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I used pork as opposed to Keizo’s beef and added ginger, fresh coriander and soy sauce to the mince mixture to retain the traditional oriental flavors ! Let me know how yours turns out ….

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