Pomegranates at the peak of ripeness…. from the tree straight into the pan !


Calm seas in Paradise, the soul of the island….
a garden in Paradise, a feast for the eyes, the glorious Mediterranean sea, the heart of the island beating peacefully..

…I cut pomegranates yesterday afternoon, red, rosy and full of flavor thanks to the Southern sun and soil which make them unique.


I am planning many recipes this week using pomegranate as an ingredient and I am writing this as I make pomegranate jam and pomegranate molasses to add to my Mediterranean range. Literally from the tree into the pan, capturing all those flavors, they will be trapped and secure in a jar until the winter months when this rosy luscious fruit with many healing properties will no longer be in season….

Squeezing out the juice.


Putting the seeds into a Muslin bag.

And very soon we will see the result….

The prettiest, rosiest, tastiest pomegranates from Paradise Island…

7 responses to “Pomegranates at the peak of ripeness…. from the tree straight into the pan !”

  1. So, boil it and let it sit until winter? sorri. I never made jam before so this is new to me 🙂

    1. I will leave you the full recipe. Let me add it now. But please do read this, click on this link and comment

      1. Thank you for the link! ^^

        1. I would appreciate your comment here and on the link. Thanks 🙂

          1. You’re so very welcome! I love pomegranate 🙂

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