Chinese again today ! Home Made Spring Rolls with Pork and Asparagus Tips …

I bought ingredients for Chinese food last week. There are now a number of excellent oriental food stores on the island run by Chinese people and its possible to find all the authentic ingredients. I get so excited when I go to these shops and have to restrain myself from buying too much !

I made the spring rolls last night and used Ving’s recipe and instructions. They were excellent and I still have a few in the fringe which will be great heated up at lunch time today.

There are a few simple tricks to achieving a fantastic rather than mediocre spring roll and I will be sharing them with you here. I am posting step by step photos with the recipe to follow. They can be frozen and cooked at a later date. I loved making them !

The spring roll pastry can be found in the freezer section of the food store !

Defrost by following the instructions on the pack and pull apart, the pastry won’t tear !

Lay a sheet of pastry diagonally and place some filling at the tip in a rectangular shape. Drain as much of the liquid as possible so that the do not become soggy. The sheet has a rough and smooth side. Keep the smooth side on the outer side.

Roll the pastry very neatly making sure there are no air pockets …

Tidy neat little packages !

Fold neatly.

Fold again.

It should look like a neat envelope. With the tip of your finger wet the tip with water, close and secure .


It took me about an hour to make them.

Cover with cling film if you are going to freeze them very securely so that the do not dry up and keeping space between each spring roll so that they do not stick together.

Crispy after deep frying. I served mine with some dipping sauces…. soy sauce and strawberry chili jam which I made a few weeks ago.

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