Stored in a jar…chili, honey and rosemary nut mix….


It’s always good to have a snack that is available to have with drinks and I prefer buying nuts and dried fruit completely additive and flavor free and making my own mix with herbs or spices that take my fancy.

I made this mix using chili, honey and rosemary and I store them in airtight jars. The flavors are delicious and it is very easy to eat the whole lot in one go so you will need a bit of self discipline! I find that they last for up to a month depending on local weather conditions.

You will need :
A mix of nuts, quantity and selection according to preference, I used whole almonds, flaked almonds, chopped hazelnuts
Coconut Flakes
Dried Rosemary
Chili flakes, finely chopped
Maldon Salt

Dry roast the chopped chili flakes and rosemary in a heavy pan on high heat. Add the nut mix and half the coconut flakes. Do not leave it on the heat while you are doing something else as they brown very quickly.

Add a drizzle of honey, stir and remove from pan.

Add some Maldon salt and the unroasted coconut flakes. I like leaving half the flakes unroasted as the color and texture make the mix more interesting.

Allow to cool and store in airtight jars.



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