Sunday Baking, as light and airy as an old fashioned Swiss Roll …..


Looking forward today to visit Andrew at his home and meet all the family. I have already met with one of his sons and his lovely parents but today it is a get together for all the clan as we are shooting for a magazine and have to discuss the format of a live program which has not been so straightforward.

I am baking an old fashioned roly poly or Swiss roll to take along. A light and fresh cake that you can rarely buy any more. I think this can only be eaten very fresh on the same day it’s baked otherwise used the day after as a base for a trifle or tiramisu.

I am decorating the Swiss Roll with some completely edible sugarcraft flowers that I love to make and store in plastic boxes but this is optional and you can also buy them ready made from most food stores. I am using some pretty pink and peach ones that I made with a plunge cutter and rather than completely cover the cake with white fondant, I am sticking them with water directly on the cake, more suitable I feel for the very hot summer day we are expecting on the island.

The Swiss roll is quick and easy to make.

Once again I am using the recipe from the Delia’s cookery course For those of you who wish to bake but rarely do, this is a perfect recipe to follow and I think impossible to go wrong as there is also a film clip online with step by step instructions…..

There is something comfortable about Swiss roll on a Sunday, a feel good familiarity, a bit of nostalgia like going to grandma’s for tea a lifetime ago…..

You will need :
110g self-raising flour
1 level teaspoon baking powder
50g soft butter
2 eggs
110g caster sugar, plus a little extra
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the filling and topping:
3-4 tablespoons jam, I use my own strawberry jam
Icing sugar to dust when finished

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C, gas mark 6

Sift the flour and baking powder into a mixing bowl

Add the butter, eggs, caster sugar and vanilla extract, and use an electric whisk mix to a smooth creamy consistency for about one minute.

Spread the mixture evenly in the prepared tin with the back of a spoon

Bake it near the centre of the oven for 14–15 minutes or until it feels springy in the centre.

Prepare a damp tea towel spread out on a flat surface then on top of the tea towel you place a sheet of baking parchment that’s about 2.5cm larger than the tin.

Sprinkle caster sugar all over the paper.

As soon as the Swiss roll is cooked, lift it out holding the sides of the liner and turn it onto the paper immediately.

Gently strip off the liner, take a sharp knife and trim 3mm from all round the cake. This will make it much neater and help to prevent it from cracking.

Cover with a clean damp tea towel and leave for a couple of minutes, then remove the damp cloth and spread the cake with jam.

With one of the shorter edges of the cake nearest to you, make a small incision about 2.5cm from the edge, cutting right across the cake, not too deeply; this will help you when you start to roll.

Start to roll this 2.5cm piece over and away from you and continue to roll, holding the sugared paper behind the cake as you roll the whole thing up. When it’s completely rolled up, hold the paper around the cake for a few moments to help it ‘set’ in position, then transfer the cake to a wire cooling tray.

Dust with a little more caster sugar before serving.

This is very easy to make, I encourage you to look at the film clip as it is excellent.

And the collection of sugarcraft flowers I made and store:






2 responses to “Sunday Baking, as light and airy as an old fashioned Swiss Roll …..”

  1. A Swiss Role revival -very nostalgic and comforting. Love it!!

    1. Thank you Cheryl, additive free old fashioned bakes are still my favorites too !

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