Two different Watermelon Salads ….. with identical ingredients !


I always admire photos of beautifully arranged plated watermelon chequerboards and I am trying it out with a combination of avocado and feta, topped with capers and mint.

There is quite a bit of wastage after the cutting process so I am making a second salad using exactly the same ingredients tossed in a bowl.

I am still not sure which one I prefer. I think the rustic salad has more flavor as the ingredients are allowed to absorb the mix of juices. The Watermelon Chequerboard Salad is more time consuming and will make a lovely starter or side for a dinner party, the Mediterranean Watermelon Salad is suitable with any meal, in a large salad bowl with a BBQ or simply taken in Tupperware to a picnic on the beach.

For four persons :

1 watermelon
1 packet Feta Cheese
2 avocados, ripe but firm
Fresh mint
1 Lime
Olive Oil
Maldon Salt
Freshly Ground Pepper

Peel and deseed watermelon.

Cut equal sizes, about 1/2-inch thick square shapes of watermelon, feta and avocado and arrange as a checkerboard on a serving tray or plated individually. Scatter chopped fresh mint and capers. Season with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Drizzle some olive oil and squeeze some fresh lime.

And my rustic salad with the same ingredients and a couple of olives …





Fresh local street food this morning, pasta pies with flaky pastry ! Loaded with calories but absolutely yummy …..20130830-051621.jpg

3 responses to “Two different Watermelon Salads ….. with identical ingredients !”

  1. Hey Lea. I love watermelon and feta together – no matter how it’s arranged, but your “checkerboard” does look beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much, appreciate your comments x

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