Follow the story of the tallest chocolate building in the world

And the feast of Santa Maria !


The feast of Santa Maria took place this week, a public holiday to spend with family and friends, with magnificent firework displays all over the island, full of life and celebration, loud, noisy and joyous. Food stalls in the streets, a day for the people to enjoy, whether devout believers or not, most of them in their best attire out to celebrate the special festa of their Madonna.

A completely unexpected first time experience for me in many ways. I have often seen displays of fireworks as I drive along or during my long evening walks but have never stopped to sit and watch. A surreal evening completely mesmerized with the magic of the colorful burst of stars in the sky, a perfect setting with many imperfections, sitting in isolation with people around, yet nearly alone, at such close proximity with these beautiful sparks around me, a happy, sparkly starry evening in spite of the uncomfortable twigs digging into my legs. Magic all around and suddenly silence, impossible to recreate again, gone forever and it all ends and I wonder if that was a dream or reality…. never has anything so overpowering ended so quickly….

That evening I felt the very pulse and soul of this little unique island in the heart of the Mediterranean….


And what a following ! Fresh off the press today, Sunday 8 September, progress with the tallest chocolate building in the world !

…. Take a peek and see what’s going on ! ..


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