The tallest chocolate building in the world ! an awesome talent …

From an island of dreams …..20130811-173202.jpg

And from the simple chocolatey Rocky Road to the largest and most complex chocolate creation in the world ever.

Why do I write about this ? Because I have an open invitation from one of the world’s most talented chocolate artists to spend time with him while he builds the tallest chocolate creation ever. This promises to be a world class masterpiece, a unique work of art.

I am lucky to witness the story unfold, just an idea a few months ago when Andrew spoke to me with excitement about his plans. He knew exactly what he was going to do and how, but it was still a dream…..a dream about recreating Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and constructing the tallest building in the world out of pure chocolate.

The dream is now reality and five tons of Belgian chocolate have arrived. Andrew is shut away in his own paradise encapsulated in chocolate for the next few weeks on this little island in the heart of the Mediterranean. The plan is to ship the structure to Dubai where he will assemble it piece by piece. You can follow the story on facebook

Andrew is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for building a very long chocolate train exhibited at the Brussels Chocolate Week last year. You can see the detailed work in the Daily Mail

I look forward to the next few weeks with him and hope you will join me here to watch him chiselling away, building and capturing the spirit of the mighty Burj Dubai in chocolate and to follow his story and his dream. This is a story that amazes, a story of a superstar in his own field, a talent that is unsurpassed, a gift from God.

Watch this space !


The Burj Khalifa Building in Dubai




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