Cooking with Janell and Elaine from Minnesota! What a pleasure it was…

Janell and Elaine with Doris at the fishmongers! 20130804-084719.jpg

How lovely it was to have Janell and Elaine, two very lovely American ladies from Minesota, come to visit and cook with me!

Janell and Elaine are both university professors from St Cloud State University. They are very well travelled and Janell’s knowledge of international cuisine is awesome. It is one of her hobbies to travel and cook with chefs from different countries.

Janell and Elaine were keen on the idea of preparing some simple fresh fish. We visited our very helpful fishmonger and Doris recommended the wild meagre also known as ‘gurbell’. We cooked all morning, had lunch and I packed some more food so that they could enjoy a picnic later that day.

Janell made an excellent local dish of sourdough bread with tomato paste and a mix of vine tomatoes, fresh mint and capers. Unlike bruschetta, this preparation will remain moist for up to a day and is a great addition to any picnic. Janell’s bread was colorful and fun and we all agreed it was an easy, rustic and delicious snack.



Mediterranean Sourdough Bread with Tomatoes

You will need :

Sliced sourdough bread
Olive oil
Concentrated Tomato paste or purée, I use the one that comes in a tube
Ripe tomatoes
Fresh mint
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Cover the bottom of a flat plate with olive oil and a couple of drops of vinegar.
Dip the bread slices in the oil making sure not to overdo it
Spread some tomato paste on each slice of bread and arrange the slices on a bed of leaves.
Chop up the tomato into small dice and scatter some tomato pieces and capers on each slice.
Garnish each bread slice with a couple of mint leaves.
Season with salt and pepper.

Tucked away in the heart of the Mediterranean countryside, a pretty pink fortress.

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