A simple healthy breakfast… Greek yoghurt with fig compote and pistachios


A combination of yummy and heaven, this is food that touches the soul.

A compote of fresh figs in lime juice and zest enveloped in Greek yoghurt and scattered with pistachios…. How much better can it get ? And I make a batch of compote and keep it in an airtight container in the fridge and it lasts for up to a week….

You will need :

1/2 kg figs
Juice and zest of two small ones limes
4 tablespoons honey
35 g water
Greek yoghurt, I use Total by Fage www.uk.fage.eu, fat free version which is 57 calories per 100g as opposed to 98 calories for the full fat version, allow 170g per portion
Some lightly toasted chopped pistachios

Leave a few figs aside for garnish.
Remove hard stem and chop figs with skin on into quarters
Place all ingredients in a large pan, bring to boil and turn off.
Cool in fridge
Add require
Divide fig mixture into 2. Mash one half of the figs.
Add the mashed figs to the yoghurt and stir.
Place in bowls to serve.
Spoon other half of compote in the centre of the yoghurt.
Garnish with a whole fig and toasted pistachios.

East immediately, heaven in a bowl !

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