Jam Making Day ! Fig Jam and Zucchini Ginger Jam …


What would you expect Paradise to be like ? I ask myself this question from time to time and wonder if it is similar to the tiny island in the Mediterranean where I now live. A heaven on earth, blissful, serene, surrounded by natural beauty…

The sun shines nearly everyday and it is hot, very hot at times, but I love the heat. We are surrounded by the sea and it is bluer than blue can be and life passes by, one day into the next and it is a dream. Plentiful fresh food, the freshest fish that can be eaten nearly underdone, a feast every day, good food every day….This is an island blessed with all the good things in life. How lucky can we be to find ourselves here ?

Fresh fruit is abundant, lots of it, fat ripe fruit bursting with flavor and goodness, just perfect, needing to be eaten on the day. All kinds of citrus, summer berries and plums…..the colors are sensational, the smells intoxicating.

This week marks my first visit to the main fruit market, somewhere isolated in the centre of the island. It is too tempting and I want to buy it all.

I can perhaps make some jams. My mother is a brilliant jam maker but i am quite clueless. She gives me a lot of advice and I decide to take the plunge. Inspite of my vast cooking experience, I am a little bit nervous when I hear about setting points and sterilization. This is going to be a learning curve for me.

My first attempt results in the strawberry jam I posted last week and now it looks like jams are becoming part of the weekly routine and yesterday I make two more jams.

I have all sorts of ideas I want to try out as these jams are divine, like I have not tasted before. It must be the goodness of the succulent Mediterranean fruits rooted in the earth of this paradise island, nurtured by the Mediterranean sun.

I am quite excited as there is something satisfying about knowing what has gone into every jar. No additives, nothing artificial, just pure fruit, and sugar laced with honey and whenever possible pectin that comes naturally from squeezed lemons. Here are my two recipes of the week and I hope you will enjoy making them as much as I have.

Fig Jam

You will need:

2 kg figs
1.8 kg sugar
4 spoons honey
Grated rind of 2 lemons
4 lemons squeezed


Wash the figs and remove any hard bits and bruising but keep skin on.

Place them in a large pot with the lemon juice, sugar and grated lemon rind. Bring to a boil on moderate heat.

Bring the figs to boil until they are a golden color and the jam reaches setting point. Stir in the honey and mix with wooden spoon.

I use the saucer method for testing the setting point. Place a saucer in the freezer and test the jam by putting a few drops on the cold plate. If the jam wrinkles when you push it with your finger, it has reach setting point. If it is still runny, return to heat, boil and retest. The best color is achieved when the jam is not over heated for a long period of time, but this is a matter of preference.

Now you will need to sterilize the jars. Rinse them in clean warm water and allow them to drip dry and place upside down on an rack in the oven at 140C for half an hour.

Pour the jam into the jars preferably through a funnel. I wear latex gloves to prevent contamination. I like to the jam into warm jars while it was still warm.

If you are going to store the jam, I suggest placing a disc of waxed baking paper onto the jam before covering with a lid.

You will need to store the jam in a cool dark place. This is a lovely thick jam. More like a compote or what they call an extra jam.




Zucchini Ginger Jam

This is a wonderful consistency and color and is very good served along a strong cheese and some plain water biscuits.


2 kg zucchini, skin on, chopped
1.8 kg sugar
4 teaspoons pectin
4 squeezed lemons
4 spoons honey
Zest of 1 lemon
2 knobs fresh ginger, 1 left whole, the other peeled and grated

Place zucchini into a preserving pan with the lemon juice, then cook on a medium heat, stirring often, until the pieces are turning translucent and soft but do not let them get mushy. Add the sugar zest, pectin, grated ginger, whole ginger knob and stir. At the end of the cooking you will need to remove the knob of ginger. It is just for flavor.
Bring to a boil and stir. Simmer and keep a gentle steady boil until the jam reaches setting point. Mine took a good 45 minutes.

Pour the jam into sterilized jars and secure lids tightly.

It’s delicious, the color of honey. Serve with a selection of cheeses. Such a good consistency !


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