Cookie Cutter Zucchini, a good idea …

We had a simple lunch of roast chicken yesterday.

I spread the uncooked chicken with Marmite as it is not only a lovely flavor with chicken but it gives the most perfect golden crispy skin and color. Then at the near end of cooking time, I covered it with thin strips of pancetta and returned it to the oven until it was brown and crisp.

We had carrots, broccoli and roast potatoes.

I tried something new and thought it was a good idea. I used a cookie cutter to cut up the zucchini. I liked the result as it was a bit of a change so from time to time I will be using a cookie cutter for my zucchini!

I am using the discarded pieces today to make soup. I steamed the zucchini and tossed them in olive oil with the other vegetables and garnished them with chopped fresh mint. The kids were delighted with them and they looked attractive mixed on the platter with the other steamed vegetables.

A wholesome and healthy meal !


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