Rabbit Loin with Crushed Fennel Seeds and Thyme Honey


Rabbit is one of the healthiest meats with low cholesterol, low salt and a lower calorific value than most other meats. This recipe was passed on to me by Andrew Borg at Black Pig in Valletta.

Each rabbit loin weighs around 200g so you will need to allow one loin per person.

This very light dish is so different to the more traditional rabbit stews It is lovely with a leaf and tomato salad. It can also be served warm with potatoes and vegetable sides.

You will need:

1 deboned rabbit loin, ask the butcher to prepare it for you
20g olive oil
1 teaspoon honey. I like the flavor of local thyme honey but any honey will do
10g fresh thyme, finely chopped. If this is not available used the dry herb.
2 g crushed fennel seeds
Maldon salt

Rub the rabbit loin with salt and half of the olive oil.
Wrap tightly in cling film.
Poach in simmering water for 12 minutes and cool down quickly in ice cold water.
Prepare a glaze by mixing the honey, thyme and crushed fennel seeds.
Heat a non stick pan with the remaining olive oil and brown the rabbit on all sides.
Pour the honey mixture into the the pan and glaze the rabbit all over.
Serve warm or cool down and serve with a salad.

A straightforward and simple recipe requiring very little prep time. Thank you Andrew !

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