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Cinnamon Apple, Walnut and Blackberry Overnight Oats - Overnight oats make the most brilliant breakfast and I also like them as a dessert or light lunch.  They are also ideal for a light take-to-work packed lunch. The apples in these oats are lightly stewed.  Sweetener is optional depending on how sweet you like .  A bigger quantity of the apples can be prepared and kept in the fridge for a week and … Read More Cinnamon Apple, Walnut and Blackberry Overnight Oats



Photos from the Easter Edition of Life and Style Weekend.  Kindly observe copyright laws and common etiquette.  Photos can be shared via the blog until 15 May 2019, thereafter photos can be downloaded and when posted credit made to Rachel Muscat Photography and Lea Hogg.  Please do not manipulate photos in any way and should you wish personalised versions without logos and more editing they are available at Euros 5 each via Rachel Muscat Photography.

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With thanks to great tea work !



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Chris Ebejer