• Maltese Figolla covered in dark chocolate

    Easter is round the corner and its time to start preparing figolli. The recipe I use was passed on to me by Renato Briffa.

  • Roasted Tomato Soup with Thyme and Greek Yoghurt

    Tomatoes are abundant this month and available at giveaway prices. Roasting them adds flavour and soups are always welcome in winter. The flavour of fresh thyme with tomatoes is delicious and I use fresh turmeric root to give it a boost of natural medicinal properties and I like to use it often and in small amounts’

  • Quick parsley, tuna and almond salad

    This salad is satisfying and makes an ideal light lunch or an option to offer on Fridays during lent.

  • Tear and Share yeast-free bread

    This quick bake produces yeast free fresh rolls which great to serve when feeding a crowd. These soda bread rolls can be made in a few minutes and baked in 20 minutes.

  • Using Labneh to make Quick Almond Cupcakes

    These are really quick all-in-one almond cupcakes. For a gluten free recipe, substitute the self raising flour with a gluten free ready-mix of self raising flour. This recipe makes 12 regular size cupcakes.

  • Breakfast feta muffins with kale

    The whole house fills with the aroma of good fresh baking. I take them out of the oven and wonder if the combination will work….

  • Strawberry and Vanilla Valentines Cake

    I think there is nothing more thoughtful than appreciating those around us by baking something delicious for them! After all, when we offer a sweet treat, people are more likely to reciprocate with sweetness. Moreover, nowadays Valentine’s, being celebrated today, is not just a lover’s holiday and we seem to be taking our cue from the US, where it is celebrated by everyone: children send Valentine cards to their parents and teachers, friends treat each other to gifts and even co-workers celebrate Valentine’s together and express gratitude for those around them. There is something more romantic and touching about baking a cake for Valentine’s than, for example, individual muffins. The thought of sharing a cake brings everyone together. When it is freshly baked, even before they see it, guests are greeted by the aroma that is only unique to baking.

  • When vol au vents take centre stage

    Vol au vents are easy to make and even easier when you use the ready made packs that are precooked. Valentine’s is a day for entertaining and this is a perfect option for a starter or a little nibble served with drinks.

  • Chocolate beetroot cupcakes, a healthier Valentine treat

    Cup cakes should be fluffy and light. The bulk of processed sugar and the flavour and consistency of butter is often needed to achieve the right consistency in cakes. The recipe can also be used to make a whole cake.

  • Black Forest Smoothie Bowl to share

    Smoothie Bowls are a way to boost healthy eating and nutrition all around.

    Instead of drinking a smoothie, it ca really replace a meal as they are Delicious filling and nutritious.

    You need one high speed blender and some frozen fruit usually to include a banana. If you do not like banana swap with avocado, cannelini beans or frozen zucchini for a similar creamy texture.’

Living in the heart of the Mediterranean

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It’s Giveaway Time !

Sunday Lunch Buffet at La Branda Riveria Hotel and Spa, Mellieha- La Branda Riveria hotel is not somewhere you might drop in as you are driving past as it is in the very north point of the island, tucked away in Marfa Bay. But the drive to the peak where the island of Comino is very visible and where you can also see Gozo at a distance, is beautiful and gives you time to build … Read More Sunday Lunch Buffet at La Branda Riveria Hotel and Spa, Mellieha