• Making a cup of thick old-fashioned hot chocolate [the healthy way]

    In the middle of a cold winter, there is nothing more welcome that a cup of hot chocolate. The old fashioned thick chocolate you usually find served in smaller cups around the Continent is ideal to give a sense of warmth and satisfy the longing for comfort food and sweet cravings that the cold weather usually brings with it.

    And there is a way to achieve that luscious thickness and keep a fairly healthy luxurious hot chocolate at the same time. I would say this recipe makes ad rich and creamy hot chocolate without the addition of cream and it is delicious’

  • Baked baby zucchini stuffed with ricotta [6 ingredients, gluten free]

    I use small Zucchini [Qarabali/marrows], round mini ones that I harvested this week. Here is the shrub and we ate these vegetables literally within a couple of hours from when they were harvested. You cannot get much fresher than that !

  • Healthy breakfast for two – celebrating Valentine’s Day

    I made a breakfast bowl for 2 on tv this week because it is the meal we tend to skip and breakfast that gives such a good boost in terms of energy levels that lasts all day when the right ingredients are chosen.

  • 5 ingredient Baked Sweet Potato and Tuna Patties [diabetic friendly, gluten free, lactose free]

    I wanted to start the year on a healthy note. I also decided to publish recipes that only use common and economical ingredients, and that also use as few ingredients as possible.

    New year is for new beginnings and if making more healthy choices is one of your resolutions this month, then these patties are the answer for a quick, healthy meal or even to take to work with you.

  • Quick weekend baking: Orange Ginger Muffins

    ‘the idea of using the oranges that are still abundant and ginger makes these muffins sound so healthy with all that Vitamin C and healing properties of ginger.

    A very quick, all-in-one method, these muffins can be prepared and baked in 20 minutes from start to finish. I used a mix of grated fresh ginger, ginger powder and crystallized ginger which resulted in the most rounded ginger flavor laced with orange and drizzled with melted dark sugar-free chocolate and more crystallized ginger pieces. These are the best muffins for a cold January, the ginger will give you instant warmth’.

  • Another 6 ingredient Soup of Zucchini, ginger and coconut [gluten free, diabetic friendly, vegan]

    Things start getting back to normal after the celebrations and I like the routine of normality. The weather forecast is very cold for this weekend and this is another quick soup made with fresh and ordinary ingredients found in the kitchen cupboard and making a great big pot provides a healthy snack any time of the day for a cosy weekend indoors.

    The flavour of ginger with the zucchini is just wow, and the addition of that bit of coconut milk. Key is to use fresh vegetables – it makes a difference.

  • 6 ingredient all-in-one Butternut Squash Coconut Soup [gluten free, diabetic friendly, vegan]

    Fresh food that is simple, quick and homemade is always best. This is the perfect winter warmer. It is economical quick to prepare as you can literally make it in 30 minutes.

    I find that peeling the butternut squash is probably what puts most people off. With this soup you can literally use all the vegetable, skin included.

  • Peanut Caramel Chocolate Cake [no bake]

    This is one of those quick cake recipes to collect. It is a ‘no-bake’ recipe and cannot get any easier. ANYONE can make this cake and it great for a large gathering or can be cut up and frozen, have something put away for when you have that craving for something sweet.

  • Easy and Quick all-in-one Almond Cupcakes

    This is the easiest and quickest all-in-one recipe and you will have fresh cupcakes in half an hour from start to finish, ideal for Sunday tea time using most probably things already in the kitchen store cupboard.’

  • Martina’s Cupcakes and the use of Russian Nozzles

    Martina is an amazing lady. She recently was placed third in the KitchenAid Competition by Forestals and I was not surprised to see her beautiful cake as I having been admiring her work for a few years when she posts on social media.

    Marina’s cupcakes during my tv show last week were divine.

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